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Yungeen Ace – Back Like I Neva Left Lyrics

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Yungeen Ace – Back Like I Neva Left Lyrics

Lyrics Back Like I Neva Left – Yungeen Ace

N**gas know I’m back
Like I never left on gang

B**ch I’m back like I never left
You know I’m back like I never left
Every time I took a step I left a body there
Judge expectin’ me to move so I got up outta there
And you know I ain’t got s**t to prove
But all my brothas they know how I feel
And I don’t want nothin’ less

Greatest n**ga to walk out Jacksonville
They know that I’m the best
Two to his head one to the neck
Shot so many times, I feel like 50
Took up off my vest
Won’t let ’em know my next move
Just know that s**t gon’ be the best
That I ever made it

I done spent so much money this year
N**ga, that you ever made
Money come in different, money generated
Got up off my deeck that’s why these n**gas hatin’
Ain’t nobody give me s**t
When I ain’t have s**t up on my plate

Back like I never left
Either you with me or agaist me
I don’t need nobody else
Every time some s**t start off right
It’s always going left
And I don’t mean to rub the s**t in yaw face
But b**ch I’m back like I never left

Work inside the city a couple kilos
Won’t let ’em meet my plug
Get it for the low
Feds know that I got bodies
They already know
Send a n**ga way up high
Make him get low
I know I gotta stay focus
I got tunnel vision
Tried to convince them with my dreams
But they didn’t see the vision
Ol’ boy had told on me
Just to reduce his sentence
When everybody lose
Nobody wanna see you winin’

➤ Written by Yungeen Ace
Yungeen Ace | 2021